Battle continues for local woman needing kidney

The battle continues for a local woman's life, and the hope of getting a kidney transplant.

We brought you the story of a complete stranger from St. Louis losing nearly 100 pounds in hopes to donate a kidney to Diana O'Rourke last year.

However, it was bad news.

Diana says, "Very heart breaking when I found out it was not a match.  So every time something like that happens it kind of chips away."

Diana received a kidney transplant from her aunt in 2008 after she went into kidney failure.

However, in 2014, after a pregnancy with her daughter, she went into kidney failure again.

Diana says, "That's when I start dialysis because I was in total kidney failure, and have been on dialysis every since."

Diana has a less than two percent chance of receiving a match that would be able to donate a kidney to her because of her previous transplant.

Becky Pratt, Diana's mom, says, "It's hard to see your child no matter what age suffer."

Pratt has done everything she can to help get Diana a kidney, including holding a fundraiser at Bourbon Barrel Wednesday night.

This made possible thanks to the generosity of the Erie community donating baskets, entertainment and much more.

Pratt says, "It's not only a fundraiser for her, it's more of an awareness to try and find a kidney for her.  A living kidney donor, blood type o. Not only for her but there's over 100,000 people waiting for a kidney."

Diana says, "Just asking for anyone who's willing to donate to help me get my life back."

To follow more on Diana's story, or if you would like to help, you can reach the family on the Diana Strong's Facebook page here:

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