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Beast on the Bay 2017

From the stretching, to the cheering and of course the racing, runners tested the limits at the Barber National Institute's Beast on the Bay.
Athletes came from 20 states and even Canada. 
"I like coming to the states for doing things because Americans do it in big ways. They blow it up," said Erica Warkentin, a participant. 
The 13-hundred participants met challenges along the way.
But, through the 10-mile obstacle course, they helped four thousand children and adults at the institute overcome the real challenges they face everyday. 
"I just think it's a great cause. Races like this are always lots of fun. The comradery is great and I think we have to all join together and help everybody," said Linda Mackay, a participant.
Organizers told us the turn out for Beast on the Bay says a lot about community support for the Erie area. 
"It's for everybody. We can all participate. We can all have fun and we can all really do our very best," said John Barber, the Barber National Institute Executive Director. 
Barber Institute residents joined in on the fun too, with a modified course at Waldameer. 
"I think it shows that everyone's a united community. Instead of people are running for them, now they're running together and I think that just makes it a lot more exciting," said Madison Bruno, a volunteer. 
No matter the size of the course or the obstacle at hand, Beast on the Bay is all about setting a goal and finding a way to meet it. 
"Getting up that last hill, crossing that finish line and getting that medal. That's goals right there," said John Maio, a participant. 


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