Car mysteriously ends up in pond, miles away from where it broke down

The mystery remains regarding a broken down car on Interstate 90 that made it several miles to Gravel Pit Pond in Fairview, where it was found in six feet of water.

State Police were called to the pond Friday morning, after a fisherman spotted the roof of the car in the water.  Drivers checked the vehicle to make sure no one was inside, then had it pulled from the pond.  The car is registered to Sarah Clark, of Conneaut, Ohio.  She said she has no idea how her car ended up in the pond. 

Clark said she broke down on the side of the road and "the next mroning, I was going to get up and see if [my husband] could go get it and that's when the police called and said someone had called it in and found it in a pond."

"I have no idea how it got there," says Clark, "the cop says there's no evidence because the car was in a pond and there's no fingerprints."

State Police are still trying to figure out how the car ended up in the pond.




--Jackie Roberts

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