Civil Air Patrol picking up snow in Erie

Five feet of snow and counting. That’s why the National Guard asked cadets to lend a hand and a shovel.

"We're looking at the greatest needs and we're going out into mainly the city and we're clearing these people out," said K Robert Crawford, a Civil Air Patrol Lieutenant. 

Around 50 people from across Pennsylvania were here with the Civil Air Patrol.

They were working the Erie County Department of Public Safety, taking a list of priority homes to dig out. 

"They're senior citizens, disabled, getting them so they're able to get in and out of their homes, out to get their medications, some have visiting nurses coming in," said Amanda Jewell, a senior member with the Civil Air Patrol. 

Many people in Erie were able to prepare for the snow, but some of these volunteers made the trip at just a few hours notice.

"We were called today and were asked to come so we gathered all our stuff and we came as soon as we could," said Dev Kachhadiya, a cadet. 

These volunteers said the need is clear and making a path along sidewalks and driveways for vulnerable residents is well worth the trip. 

"When we were helping people get their cars out of their driveways, I felt great knowing that now they'll be able to go somewhere, probably meet up with their family," said Raven Jones, a cadet.

Jones said this project highlights one of the civil air patrol core values -- service before self.  

Some cadets are staying through the night, others through the weekend.

One shovel full at a time, they're getting Erie residents back on their feet. 

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