Corry route additions to EMTA a good decision

EMTA buses are a common sight in the city of Erie, but one route that stretches to the other side of the county has produced a huge increase in riders.  

Back and forth from Erie to Corry five times a day, Route 105 is more than a bus ride; it's a lifeboat.  Jimmy Cravath, Bus Rider, tells us, "To get anywhere, you need to go to make anything, even ten dollars an hour, which is hard enough to survive on, you gotta travel at least 30-40 minutes from home".

Cravath commutes to his job in Erie from his home in Union City.  Without a working car, Route 105 has become very important to him, especially since being expanded in August from one day a week to five trips daily, Monday through Friday.  

"To pay for a taxicab, which I went that route, you'd go broke.  Your whole paycheck will be just to get down there.  It's a $55 ride one way," Cravath tells us.

Toby Foster, Bus Driver says, "There's not enough work out here in the rural areas.  There's only so many jobs and they need to be able to get to where those jobs are... plain and simple."

On Thursday afternoon, the folks shared the bus with Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper, asking her fellow riders about the route.  For Jimmy Cravath, it's about getting to and from Erie as he gets off the bus he says they have the 'to' part down, but "outbound is the key thing they need to work on right now.  They'll be doing a lot better".

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