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Docs on Call - Opioids

Tonight, as part of 'Docs on Call,' we've been taking a closer look at some of the health issues now making headlines; including opioid addiction.  Opioid addiction is being called an epidemic and its sweeping the nation.  

Desmond Kane is the Supervisor of Gaudenzia Erie's Co-occurring Inpatient Treatment Facility.  He tells us, "We're finding ways and means to add different drugs to drugs that are no longer giving us the same type of effect."  And, he says, this dependency could happen to anyone.  "You know, life happens. Sometimes, you're in an accident, sometimes you have routine surgery. Sometimes you just end up on pain medication."

But, Kane says it becomes a problem anytime it interferes with your daily routine.  "You could be stealing. You'll be showing up late. You'll begin making excuses so that you can continue to use. Your social circle will begin to become very small, and your bank account will begin to deplete."

"So," Kane advises, "always talk to your doctor. Make sure if you feel like something's amiss, you can always bring it up. You can always have family members hold your medication. And you can also go to the police station to dispose of your medication or call your local pharmacy and they'll tell you where to dispose of it."

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