Driver in fatal crash learns his fate in court today

A driver is facing time behind bars for his involvement in a fatal car crash.  Zachary Strader was in Erie County Court today facing an involuntary manslaughter charge.  

The prosecution says Strader was driving at least 78 miles per hour on a 40 mile per hour roadway when his vehicle crashed with another at the intersection of Peach Street and West Grandview Boulevard.  The collision killing 67-year-old John Naylor.

A judge sentenced Strader to three years of intermediate punishment, starting with a month and a half in prison.  The prosecution called Naylor's sister to the stand to tell the judge how the loss impacts her life.  

Grant Miller, Assistant District Attorney, says, "It's really important that the victims family have an opportunity to speak with the judge to address the court and they're able to give a perspective that no attorney can really bring to light to the court." 

Strader pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charge in December.

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