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Erie Seawolves host #AlternativeFacts Night

Something made Seawolves fans flood the stands Friday, and it wasn't necessarily the baseball. 
The first one thousand people through the gates took home a 2016 championship ring, celebrating the Seawolves 142 wins and zero losses.
Well, pretend celebrating. They didn't actually win. It's just a part of #AlternativeFacts Night. 
"It's just a good activity for Erie. It's very economical and it's a lot of fun," said Pat Wisniewski, a Seawolves fan.
A few thousand people came out to the game.
The event also proved to be a home run publicity wise too.
The Seawolves caught the eye of several national media outlets. 
"The more attention we could get for Erie, get people down to the games, the better it is for the wolves and all the fans," said Larry Howanitz, a Seawolves fan. 
Fans said that real championship ring might not be so far off after all. 
"We have a great team, but it's not an alternative fact it's a real fact," said Bernie Wisniewski, a Seawolves fan. 


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