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Shooting victim identified as 19y/o Tyrique Tate

Tyrique Tate, 19, gun shot wound to the head

Erie, PA - Erie County Coroner, Lyell Cook, officially rules the death of a man involved in the Monday's shooting on Erie's east side a homicide.

19 year old Tyrique Tate died from a gunshot wound to the head.  Tate was hit by gunfire in the shooting incident on Monday afternoon.

Cook tells us Tate died around 4:20pm yesterday.  
Erie Police Chief, Don Dacus, says the death of Tate doesn't change the course of the investigation.  He says the detectives are still interviewing witnesses and are trying to get a motive of why and how the shooting happened.  
The shooting in the 600 block of East 24th Street occurred in a parked car.  Police say six people were involved; four people inside the vehicle and two standing outside.
Dacus says the other two who were shot still remain in the hospital.  The 18 year old is still in critical condition and the 16 year old who was shot in the face remains in stable condition.  Dacus tells us detectives have tried to interview them, but have not been able to get much information.
"Without a firearm to compare with casings recovered, it's hard to say if it was the same weapon or two of the same weapon until we have those firearms to compare to the casings. There's going to be some bolistics testing done obviously. Right now we're just in the process of trying to get the details and the facts from witnesses that we know are there. "
Dacus also says they were able to search the car the shooting is believed to have happened in.  He says they recovered evidence, but they are still searching for the firearm used in the shooting.
At this point, it is still an active investigation.


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