ESD: School emergency plan includes drills

ERIE, Pa. -- Parkland, Florida became the scene of one of deadliest school shootings in U.S. history on Wednesday afternoon, but the shock and horror are rippling across the nation.

In Erie, some parents wondered about the security of their children’s schools.

"I'm just really worried about (if) the thing that happened in Florida today is going to happen here, and I didn’t want that for my girls,” said Erie resident Linda Samec.

Daria Devlin, community relations coordinator of Erie’s Public Schools, said there is an action plan in place for district facilities. 

"Every time we here about one of these tragedies across the nation, we examine our own policies and make sure we are prepared--God forbid--if anything would happen,” she said.

Erie School District Police Chief Tim Vona said the department employs 13 part-time and five full-time officers and receives assistance from two off-duty City of Erie Police officers. The officers train with the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to prepare for an active shooter situation.

"They go through that training. So, they're able to respond if anything like that were to happen. We also do lockdown drills in all of our schools,” said Devlin. “We do the fire drills, too; but in addition, now we have the lockdown drills to even prepare students how to react and staff how to react in this kind of event.”

School officials said there are a number of security measures in place to help prevent a similar tragedy.

Samec said, "I just thought it was a terrible tragedy that happened in Florida, and I don't want it to happen here."

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