Gannon and NASA team up for eclipse video

Gannon University undergraduate students are preparing to launch in to history.  A team of students are bulding the tools and conducting research for NASA in a historic project that's never been done before.

The team of seven students and two professors are heading to Kentucky to take part in the first ever livestream video of the solar eclipse on August 21st through the use of a high altitude balloon.  But, the team says it's not just a few images, it's video of the entire eclipse across the country.

Today, the students tested the high-altitude balloon package they designed and built.  Two years of hard work, which will be put to the test 80,000 feet in the air.

Maia Mackeller, Senior, Electrical Engineering student says, "It's nice to be out be able to create a system from beginning to end and work on it, test it, make sure everything works and actually launch something. The high altitude balloon is probably the best part because we would never be able to do that in a classroom." 

Professor Wookoon Lee adds, "the main thing is to develop the instruments for NASA to compile the eclipse, the video, across the entire eclipse pass from Oregon to South Carolina."
Gannon is one of 56 teams helping to collect the video.  NASA will compile the entire video feed and use that for years to come.  Today's wind made it very difficult to test, but the students say that helped prepare for August.


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