Golden Apple Award 01/03/2018 - Richard Heasley

The very first Golden Apple Award of 2018 goes to a teacher at a brand new middle school.  As Lou Baxter reports, this week's winner carries on a family tradition.

For the first time ever, we're going to give the Golden Apple Award to a teacher here at the brand new Strong Vincent High School.  Richard Heasley teaches Sixth Grade History at Strong Vincent, and now joins an elite club.  "My mom... was an award winner," he tells us, "so, it's quite an honor for me to join the Golden Apple club."

Mr. Heasley's parents were both teachers and his sister and wife are also in education.  He's been a teacher for 25 years in the Erie School District and has earned another notable distinction...  "every school I've been at has closed.  So, this hoping Vincent will stay open for a few more years."

Student Nominator Olivia Challis says Mr. Heasley makes her feel good.  "I like how he's so funny and nice to people and how he helps people when they're sad.  One time, my dog died and I was sad, and he came over and comforted me and made me feel very happy."

Mr. Heasley says, "I understand a lot of what these guys feel and what it's like.... I have [my sixth grade picture] hanging on my wall to remind myself... what it was like to be a sixth grader".

Superintendent Brian Polito praises Heasley, saying, "he does a great job with the kids.  You know, it's all about connecting with the kids.  He does a great job with that".  

Dr. Mary Jo Melvin of Edinboro University tells us, "I was most impressed with the impact he has on these young people.  The bond he has... they want to do well for him".

Congratulations to Richard Heasley, this week's JET 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award Winner.  To nominate your favorite teacher, click here and fill out the nomination form at the bottom of the page.

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