Good Kid 01/01/2018 - O'Mari Dance

This week's Good Kid is a hearing-impaired student at the Barber National Institute, taking on greater responsibility and more independence this year.

17 year old O'Mari Dance was one of his teacher's most challenging students at first.  In the beginning, it was difficult to find something he really enjoyed.  But, Teacher, Peter Wagner, says that was only "until one day, I decided to get a classroom tadpole."  Then, everything changed; O'Mari is forever-engaged and extremely helpful.

Wagner tells us, "he loves it. It's the first thing he looks forward to coming back from Christmas break, Thanksgiving break."

He takes his job, caring for the classroom fish, very seriously and he even researched and created a book to help his peers learn more.  O'Mari says, "My favorite fish is the big-eyed fish, the black one that changes color to gold".

Wagner says the experience is helping O'Mari grow and become more independent.  "He's learned a ton of responsibility, so much so, his mom got him a tank at home to take care of."

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