Granddaughter kept in house all weekend with bodies of mother and grandmother

New chilling details emerge from a double-homicide in Fairview.  

Over the weekend, two women were brutally murdered on West Ridge Road in Fairview.  An affidavit reveals information from the defendant's granddaughter, who was allegedly at home during both killings.  

Two disturbing stories adding up to one heinous crime.  Monday morning, police took a call from a supervisor at St. Vincent Hospital saying two employees, a mother and daughter, didn't show up for work.  Shortly after, police took another call, this time from Fairview Middle School reaching out after a student reportedly came to school with marks on her wrists; telling authorities her grandfather tied her up and proceeded to kill her mother and grandmother Friday night.

Those statements leading police to a house at 6620 West Ridge Road in Fairview.  Upon entry, troopers found the two women deceased.  Later that night, Regis Brown confessed to killing his step-daughter, Tammy Greenawalt, and wife, Michele Brown.

According to the affidavit for probable cause, the Fairview Middle School student rehashed both deaths to police.  The report says, "Regis Brown tied Tammy Greenawalt up in a rocking chair and then stabbed her several times in the chest."

The night allegedly took another tragic turn when the defendant's wife got home from work. Authorities say the second murder happened in the garage.  The affidavit says, "The grandfather approached the vehicle from his room, just inside the garage, he bludgeoned his wife with an unknown object."

There are reports of police recovering a pair of scissors and a sledgehammer covered in blood, but these objects have not yet been officially declared as the weapons used in the murders at this time.

Police reports tell us even though the murders occurred on Friday, that Regis Brown kept his granddaughter at home for the weekend until she went to school on Monday. 

According to the affidavit, Brown took his granddaughter to leave the house only one time throughout the weekend.  The granddaughter indicated to police that her grandfather drove them in the SUV that belonged to her mother.

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