Irma update 09/13/2017

Three days after Hurricane Irma battered Florida, residents finally heading back to the Keys, and continued electricity outages leading to five deaths at a nursing home.

For the first time, residents of the Florida Keys are headed back to see what's left of their homes.  Down the South Dixie Highway, passing police checkpoints, to a tiny island, where 90% of homes are eighter destroyed or damaged.  "It was hell," one resident says, "we didn't know if we were going to make it out."

The National Guard surveying from the air; whole neighborhoods obliterated; houses completely flattened.  The Keys is 112 miles long, but officials only allowing residents into the first 33 miles.

Millions in the state still have no power, and for some, still no running water.

Kathleen Thomson of Leigh Acres, Florida, tells us they have, "No power, no nothing, no internet, no TV, no baths..." 

Repair crews from 30 states and Canada working around the clock.  We saw them at all hours in Naples.  They reassured us, "our army or restoration workers... now numbers 20,000... is hard at work."

But, there is also serious danger for residents relying on generators in Bonita Springs.  Near there, 20 people were taken to the hospital for possible carbon monoxide poisoning.  And, in Orlando, a generator inside a garage killed three members of a family and four others are still in the hospital.

Now it's unbearably hot and sticky, it's September in Florida and nearly 4 million customers in the state are still without power.  Officials are stressing if you're going to use a generator; you must put that generator outside the house to stay safe.





Molly Hunter, ABC News


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