It's homecoming season and we have some special people for you to meet

It's homecoming season and with that comes the crowning of homecoming kings and queens.  

Jocie and Aaron are seniors at General McLane High School and these two may be the definition of relationship goals.  Jocie and Aaron have been friends for years.  Six months ago, they became a couple.  From heartwarming prom-posals to running track together... from holding hands in the hallways to teasing each other about who is the better athlete, these two will steal your heart. 

The two were some of Laura Neintimp's first students when she began her career as the Life Skills Teacher at General McLane.  She tells us, "Aaron and Jocie make it really easy to love them. They go to all of the sports and activities... they're in newspaper, they're in yearbook."  

More than half of their senior class voted them onto homecoming court.  So many that, Neintimp says, "We ran out of space when we were counting the votes."  And, the overwhelming amount of votes comes as a surprise to no one.  

Aaron's brother, Sam Wagner, tells us, "I'm glad he's popular and everybody loves him."

Neintimp agrees, adding, "he's kind of like the king of the high school".  

 Mia Schaller, Homecoming Court, tells us, "The question was, 'why should you be voted for homecoming queen?' and I just put, 'Vote for Jocie' of course, because everyone wants her to win".

Whether they win or lose homecoming King and Queen tomorrow night, there's no doubt that Jocie and Aaron are the most well-liked couple here at the school."

Jennifer Stefano, Homecoming Court, says they are "probably the most genuine, sweetest couple ever. They're always attached at the hip."

Neintimp tells us, "Not only are they role models for their peers with or without disabilities, but for our district as a whole."

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