Landscaping crews scramble to clear snow before the next big hit

Not everyone is excited about high 40 degree temperatures coming this week, including those at snow dumping locations. 

Getting piles of snow as massive as the ones in the video took nearly two weeks, but there's still more to clean up.  Some landscaping companies say they're making progress, but nothing could have prepared them for the snow that hit Erie within the last few weeks.

A break from the snowfall is a light at the end of the tunnel for Brian Dahlkemper because that massive storm is keeping him busy. "You're either plowing, sleeping, or moving snow," he tells us. 

But the sunshine and rising temperatures are making the snow even heavier and his job even harder. Dahlkemper says, "The little bit of warm weather kind of loosened up and makes it really hard to plow and you have to scrape it off and salt it; try and melt it back down [to] asphalt."

Dahlkemper says there's just too much snow and not enough places to put it.  Gerlach's Landscaping is facing a similar concern. Across from the Liberty Plaza is just one spot they're dumping the snow.

Adam Gerlach, Gerlach's Landscaping Co-owner, says, "We've been working day and night... hauling snow out with big trucks and loaders, hauling it to vacant lots, just to get it out of parking lots... people need parking spots."

The owner of Gerlach's says when you get a year's worth of snow in a little over a week, the snow removal process has to start much earlier. "Right after the big snow, a couple days later, we were hauling it out."  He says this workload in December is uncommon for a typical Erie winter, but removal crews across the area say it's still no time for a break.

People like Dahlkemper are trying to get ahead of the next big snowfall saying that they "try and get the lots as good as they can because who knows when the next snow's coming".

Gerlach says his crews are doing a great job handling the snow, and Dahlkemper says a lot of landscapers put in sometimes 12 or 13-hour shifts and they're starting to see some progress in getting snow off the roads and into lots.

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