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Large Spectrum of issues with the cable company's switch to all-digital

As we first reported two weeks ago, Spectrum cable is making an all-digital switch.  Customers are required to pay up in order to keep their channels.  

For weeks, Spectrum customers have been getting notices saying a switch-over is happening, and they will now need to pay for one digital receiver per tv.  The Spectrum transition to all-digital service has been staggered across the country.  

It seems to have really affected our area, starting a couple of weeks ago.  That's when we started seeing the long lines outside of the Spectrum store near the Millcreek Mall. 

And, Spectrum users are expressing their frustrations.  Spectrum Client Mitzi Suprynowicz tells us, "I have a hard time because I live out in the country and I couldn't get Dish and I couldn't get Direct TV, so I was stuck with Spectrum. I didn't really have a whole lot of choices in the matter." 

It's not just individual homeowners dealing with the changes. Businesses, like our station, are trying to figure out what to do to get 60 TVs back up and running.  Todd Davis, our Assistant Chief Engineer tells us, "We're working on getting a distribution service so we cannot have the 60 digital boxes... which would be kind of hard for us".  Todd says this would take weeks, but this is one practical option for businesses who stick with Spectrum.

Others are finding different solutions.  Matt Probonic, Owner of Fitness U has more than two dozen TV's in his facilities.  Probonic tells us, "For a week and a half we didn't really have anything on the TV's and the process of getting them up and running was a bit delayed."

For a business, handling the transition would've required more than just buying two dozen digital receivers.  "I would've had guys on ladders, working against the wall, putting in new lines throughout the ceiling, and ripping the old ones out... it was just too much for us to deal with."

Once members began to complain, he made the decision to cancel Spectrum all together and switch to Direct TV, a company that may be getting more customers after this Spectrum switch-over.

Apart from the hassle, users are understandably upset over paying much more for their service.  Some are saying their monthly bill will now be nearly $200... quite a price to pay to watch TV.


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