Last chance for PUC hearing on 'hidden' charges at 6pm tonight!

Have you read your electricity bill recently?  Well, you might have to start paying more.  

Penelec customers might have to start paying extra if they have not shopped for an electric generation supplier.  One of two PUC hearings was held today at 1pm.  Erie residents were strongly encouraged to participate and get educated about the surcharge.  

Many residents are still unaware of this new proposal.  Penelec suggests that this surcharge is ultimately meant to benefit the customers.  Independent Consumer Researcher Ken Springirth says that this new proposal by Penelec is purposefully difficult for Erie residents to comprehend.  He says, "this program was based on the idea to save residential customers money but the research has proved it has had a dismal record.  It has not saved customers money; in many instances, it has caused customers a lot of confusion and actually higher bills because of these cancellation charges, these hidden charges."

If you are a Penelec customer and want to learn more, another hearing is taking place tonight at 6pm at Erie Blasco Library.




--Syeda Abbas

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