Local Wendy's wins award thanks to one dedicated employee

A bright smile greets customers at the door of a fast food chain on Route 8.  The young man with a bright smile is the reason a local Wendy's is receiving an 'Employer of the Year' Award.

His name is LC and reporter Elena LaQuatra's day became infinitely better upon meeting him.  10 years ago, when LC first started working at Wendy's on Wattsburg Road he rarely made eye contact and spoke very little.  Today, he may be the most talkative and friendly employee this location has ever had.  

Don Whitehill, Wendy's Customer, says, "He's always here to greet us when we come in... Comes over to the table and talks to us for a while."

Wendy's recent 'Employer of the Year' award recognizes their effort to be inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities.  Karen Tuminello, of Erie Homes for Children and Adults, says, "They want to contribute to their community, they want to have friends, they want to have a meaningful life... and that's what Wendy's has done for LC."

Employee Darci Adamaszek tells us, "Oh, I love working with LC.  He's such a treat and he's one of the hardest workers we've had". 

Proof of LC's dedication, work ethic, and positive attitude is displayed proudly on his hat. As you can see in the video, he has numerous pins that were awarded to him by Wendy's.  LC tells us, "it makes me happy, you know, because I come and do my job".  And his warm, genuine smile never leaves his face.  "The people are so nice to me," he says. What he may not realize, though, is that his smile is brightening every customer's day in return.  

Erie Homes for children and Adults nominated this Wendy's location for the award.  LC is mentored through the organization's Life Sharing Program. To learn more about their programs, please visit ehca.org.

Make sure to stop by Wendy's and say, 'hi' to LC, you'll be glad you did.

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