Look back at the Riverside Inn

A place that yesterday represented a community, now hides beneath a blanket of smoke and ashes.
"It was representative of the history of Cambridge Springs just by walking into it. You could see the history and the way things were," Cambridge Springs Mayor Randy Gorske said. 
The charming Riverside Inn stood for history, growth and good health in Cambridge Springs.
Local historian Janet Beanland dusted off her photo albums and reminisced, on such an otherwise solemn day. 
It all started in 1895, when the Baird family purchased the Riverside Hotel. The riverside grew rapidly for the next several decades into a full service resort.
"People came into town by the thousands on the train, so it's been here all this time," Beanland told us.
Records indicate water was the original draw to the Riverside Inn.
Everyone wanted their hands on riverside's mineral water, with rumors that those who drank it didn't get sick.
Once the mineral water fad died out, the Riverside remained popular.
Owners throughout the years have kept up the Inn's traditions and Victorian charm.
While community leaders said there will never be another Riverside, it's memory is sewn deep in the fabric of Cambridge Springs. 

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