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Looks like vehicle registration fees will raise $5 per vehicle, per year

Harborcreek Township announcing their support for a county-wide ordinance that would provide funds to improve roads and bridges.  

The program, introduced statewide by Governor Tom Wolf and PennDOT back in February, would increase vehicle registration fees.  Those fees would go up by $5 per vehicle per year.  Passing the ordinance in Erie County would raise roughly $2.4 million after a match by PennDOT.

Tim May, Harborcreek Township Supervisor, says, "If that does not have to come out of municipality budget, it would come out of this fund that's being created... it certainly is a beneficial move."

These funds would be distributed to the various municipalities for road and bridge projects.  Ultimately, the decision is up to Erie County Council.  Discussion about the ordinance is on the committee finance meeting agenda for tomorrow afternoon.

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