Major changes in weather impacting honey bees

ERIE, Pa. -- We have seen record breaking temperatures to bitter cold in just a matter weeks. And the fluctuating temperatures are having an effect on one important species.

Honey bees.

Temperatures have gone from a record high of 77 to lows teens just in the past few weeks. This roller coaster weather is having a devastating effect on honey bees.

Steve Odom, of Hogs N' Honey, has been keeping bees for four years and last winter, due to the fluctuating temperatures, he lost 80 percent of his hives.

He is concerned for this year as well.

When it's cold, bees congregate at the center of the hive to keep warm and they only have so much food to take them through the winter. But when the temperatures rise, bees tend to become more active.

"The warmer weather they consume a lot more of the food and so they go through what they have for food storage and starve to death by the end of the season,” Odom said.

While we can't control Mother Nature, we can control what we put on our lawn. Odom suggests refraining from weed killers and fertilizers.

A small move they say will make a big impact.

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