McDonald's employees lead police to alleged murder

Employees of the McDonald's on Buffalo Road are being called heroes by not only the public but by the owner of the fast-food location.

What began as a normal start to the lunch-time rush after 11 a.m. Tuesday morning at McDonalds quickly changed.

Tom Ducharme, owner/operator of McDonald's, says, "My back drive thru girl called me back and wanted me verify she thought that she recognized this person like she did."

Steve Stephens was coming through the drive thru.

Ducharme saying he was able to identify the white Ford Fusion with Ohio plates.

The window employee immediately calling Pennsylvania State Police, while Stephens went from the first drive thru window to the second.

Ducharme says, "I pulled my front drive thru girl out of the window and my supervisor and I, my supervisor is actually the one who interacted with him."

The crew trying to slow Stephens down.

Ducharme says, "We told him it was going to be a minute for his fries. It really wasn't. We were just trying to give the cops a little bit more time for that reason alone. He said he didn't want to wait, give him his nuggets and he had to go."

Ducharme says they gave him the nuggets and he left in a hurry.

He also says by the time Stephens got his food out of the drive thru window and made it back out onto Buffalo Road, Pennsylvania State Police had already begun the pursuit.

Ducharme says, "By the time he got passed over here, there was already a state trooper behind him with the lights on. So it was the minute he left the parking lot, they were on him."

Ducharme adding he's proud of his employees.

"I couldn't be prouder of how they handled this situation. I'm very thankful that i was actually here working with them today."

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