Meet the County Council Candidates

Election Day is tomorrow.  While the race for Mayor and County Executive have been getting the most attention, there are several heated races between candidates for County Council. 

Six candidates all running for their first terms on County Council; all with different concerns they want to address if elected. District One Candidate, Democrat Kathy Fatica, currently holds the seat, but is running for her first elected term after being appointed to the position after her husband, Phil, passed away.  Fatica was a Public Health Nurse and her top priorities are Public Health and Environmental Concerns with Lake Erie. "Two years ago, you overwhelmingly elected my late husband to serve and protect you and your family. I want to make sure I'm keeping Phil's promise, and I promise to work for you as hard as I can."

Fatica is up against Republican Robert Yates.  He says he was born and raised in Millcreek and worked in his family's plastic factory, as well as in schools.  His top priority is county spending.  "If you want to get anything positive and new achieved, you have to start voting for new people. I think the environment this year is very suited for people looking for new and younger voices to elect for local governments and I happen to be along at the right time."

District Four's seat is currently held by Chairman Jay Breneman and is up for grabs.  Democrat Carl Anderson says he wants to focus on the positive things in the county.  He is a former Financial Adviser and currently owns his own historical research business.  He says public safety and 9-1-1 communication are top priorities if elected. "I'm born, raised and educated on the east side of Erie. I'm active and involved in the community all of my adult life. [I] have made an investment and a  conscious decision to live and invest in this community. But, most importantly of everything I've been involved in, I'm proud to say that I'm a father, and because of that I want to make sure that we have a future here for our children and grandchildren."

Anderson is up against Republican Paul Hirsch.  Hirsch says he has a broad base of experience to bring to the table, including being a Teacher, Data Analyst at Erie Insurance, and currently working in Adult Admissions at Mercyhurst University.  He says one of his top priorities is putting more issues on election ballots for voters to decide.  "Millennials are leaving; I'm a millennial. I can bring people back. I know what it takes. I've lived in big cities; we need that here... We need some of those items here. We need a big sell here, and I can bring that."

Ed Dimattio's District Six seat is also open.  Democrat, Mary Jo Campbell, says she has 10 years experience on Washington Township Council and works well crossing party lines.  She has a background in budgets and labor relations and is a 37-year educator.  She says one of her top priorities is finding funding and more resources for firefighters. "I will always tell you the answers as I know it. If I don't know it, I will find it out for you because I think that's very, very important. I'm open, I'm honest and I've been that way all of my life."

On the other side of the aisle is Republican Scott Rastetter.  He owns Scott's Carpet Showcase in Edinboro.  A business mindset is what Rastetter brings to the table for County Government and his main concern is county spending.  "I think the mood of the public is they're sick of regular politics, the regular status quo...  You'll be my boss. If I don't do a good job, I'll expect to be fired."

The only County Council District running unopposed is District Two, Erie's Lower-East Side.  That is currently held by Andre Horton and he is running unopposed for reelection.

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