Nationally known liturgical musicians perform at local church

"There's nothing too horrific or heinous or wrong that we can do in our lives and God's love just keeps coming back. God's forgiveness keeps coming back. God's mercy keeps coming back," said David Haas, Catholic liturgical music composer.
That's a message David Haas spreads through his music everyday.
On Friday night, he brought that message to the Holy Cross Church -- along with Marty Haugen and Stephan Petrunak.
The three are nationally known liturgical musicians.
"I try as much as possible to write music that makes a connection between what's going on in the world and what our faith tells us," said Marty Haugen, a Catholic liturgical music composer.
The artists said they write for a musically untrained congregation so everyone can sing along.
The three rarely perform on the same stage, but this service brought them together.
The concert was dedicated to the life and ministry on Mark Kulyk, an active member of the community and longtime music leader at the church. 
Church leaders said seeing these musicians he admired the most gather at Holy Cross would've been Mark's dream.
The performers told us this genre of music impacts people like no other.
President of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians Steve Petrunak said, "It moves people. It moves them to prayer. It moves them in their journey's, deepens their faith life."
A movement easy to spot with a crowd of 500 people joining in on the songs.

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