New details arise in Vegas shooting investigation

More than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in US history, investigators have scrambled the timeline, now saying the hero security guard was shot at before anyone else.  Maggie Rulli has the latest on the investigation.

A new timeline of events reveals that Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos was the Vegas shooter's first victim.  Sherriff Lombardo tells us, "Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world."

Hailed as a hero for days, investigators initially said Campos came to gunman, Stephen Paddock's hotel room while he was still firing on the innocent concert-goers, then alerted police, after being wounded himself in a hail of 200 bullets.  

Undersheriff Kevin McMahill had said, "I can tell you there's not a doubt in my mind that he stopped that suspect from continuing to fire."

Now, investigators are saying Campos was shot and wounded a full six minutes before the killer started raining gunfire on the unsuspecting crowd.  With the timeline completely changed, new questions need answers.  How quickly did the guard notify hotel security?  Was there an opportunity for armed security personnel or police to confront Stephen Paddock before he started shooting?

"It actually creates more of a mystery as to why he stopped after 11 minutes, but it also creates this picture of why didn't someone get to him in that///window before he actually started shooting after the guard was hit," says Brad Garrett, ABC News Contributor.

The FBI and Las Vegas Police have sorted through more than a thousand leads and examined Stephen Paddock's politics, finances, any possible terrorist radicalization and his social behavior, and they still don't know what led the 64-year-old gambler to go on a murderous shooting spree. 

Lombardo says, "Over 200 instances traveling through Las Vegas, but never seen with anyone else.  No evidence linked to a terrorist group."

A week later and investigators are no closer to finding a motive.  At this point, all they can say is that severe mental illness may have been the primary catalyst. 



--Maggie Rulli, ABC News

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