One school board seat still empty after elections

A Millcreek School Board Member-Elect wins two seats, but can only hold one, so what happens to the other seat?

According to the unofficial results from Tuesday, one candidate wins two seats for Millcreek School Board, but it will be up to the new school board members to decide what happens next.  Gary Winschel won both a two and a four-year seat in Tuesday's election.  Winschel telling us he will be choosing the four-year position, which will leave the two-year seat vacant. 

The Clerk of Elections, Doug Smith, says having one candidate run for multiple seats when they're different terms is fairly common.  Smith says the new board once they're in place at the end of the year will be in charge of filling that vacancy.  Candidate Mike Kobylka defeated in the election, but with the open seat, it doesn't necessarily mean he will fill the chair. 

"Order of finish really has no bearing on who the school board would appoint. They'll probably have some sort of process to attract possible candidates and then select the candidate they choose," says Smith.

Kobylka telling us he is very interested in being on the board and will be talking with the Election Board about his options.  We did reach out to the School Board President, John Diplacido.  He says all he can say is they will work with their attorney to ensure they go through the process accurately. 

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