PA House votes in favor of Republican budget

Could be bad news for Erie School District

September 13, 2017 - A revenue plan approved by the State House appears to be bad news for the Erie School District.

The official vote tonight in the House in favor of this budget ... 103 in favor .. 91 opposed.

Pennsylvania's budget is more than two months late v=because lawmakers haven't agreed on how to make up a two billion dollar shortfall.

But tonight the Republican plan passed in the house.

Locally , the most pressing questions have centered on the $14 million dollars promised to the Erie School District and whether it will remain in the budget.

According to Democratic State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, this plan keeps that money for this year only.

It would not be included beyond the current budget as part of Erie's basic funding.

The House Bill now goes to the Senate where more changes are expected.




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