Parental Alienation Group Spreads Awareness

Parental alienation is a conflicted family dynamic that isolates one parent

ERIE, Pa - A group of people were out in Perry Square today spreading awareness about something called "parental alienation." 

Parental alienation is a conflicted family dynamic that draws a child into siding with one parent, resulting in an unfounded hatred toward the other parent.
They say that early signs of parental alienation include: 
- Refusing the other parent access to medical and school records
- Children are uncharacteristically rude and/or belligerent to the "Target Parent"
- Temptations purposely set up that interfere with visitation
- Allowing children to choose whether or not to visit a parent
- Children show sudden negative attitude toward a parent
- Special events are withheld from the "Target Parent"
- "Rescuing" children from other parent when there is no danger
The group says that family court judges are allowing this behavior and as a result, ruining the lives of families. 
They believe that fighting in the family courts fosters more alienation, further isolating the child from one of their parents.
The group plans to start an Erie chapter.
"In the little bit of time that we have been here, we have run into numerous people that are going through this. They're young, they're old, they're married, they're not married. This is not gender specific."
They encourage anyone going through parental alienation to reach out for support. 
Laurie Nicholson

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