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Parental Alientation support group

"Discrimination, slander, illegal investigations, false allegations and allegations," read Sheilah Stephenson, an advocate for parental alienation. 
That's just the beginning of Stephenson's list. 
She said she's a victim and through holes in the legal system someone's been able to keep her child from her.
She said the days without her child have started to wear her down. 
"Every child, every birthday party, kids outside playing, sleepless nights, shows on TV that I can't even look at. This is what it does to all of us parents," said Stephenson. 
But Stephenson is not alone.
Dozens of people in the community struggle through what they call "parental alienation."
Advocates said many parents can't go public with their situation because of gag orders, but Stephenson meets with a support group -- all working to right the wrongs they said have been committed against them. 
"I'm over succumb by the heartbreak. I've been trying to prepare myself for my kids and everything but this is a mother's worst nightmare. It really is," said Julia Rummings, an advocate. 
Some parents told us alone they thought they had exhausted all resources, but together they're going to keep fighting to get their kids back
"I picked him up for Christmas three years ago. I loaded up my car, getting ready to go and a constable pulls up Saturday morning saying you can't go down to pick up your son, and I was like 'Why?," said Arthur Dickerson, an advocate. 
Dickerson said false accusations have kept him isolated from his son.
Four years later, he told us it gets harder everyday but at least for now he said he can't win with a backwards court system.  
Contact the organizer of the support group Laurie Nicholson at (814) 392-9009.

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