Part of Girard history comes down

GIRARD, Pa. -- Nearly a block of history in Girard is now gone.

Demolition crews took down most of the "Keystone Block" after the building fell into disrepair over the years.

The Keystone Building took up nearly an entire block of Main Street in Girard but today only one building remains from the original block.

Chunk by chunk, giant excavators ripped apart the buildings that once made up the Keystone Block.

The buildings were constructed in 1832 and have housed numerous business over generations. But over the years, the buildings deteriorated to the point they became unsafe and needed to be torn down.

The first building constructed is in good shape and was not part of the demolition plan. H&S Computers has occupied the building since 2003.

Caroline Veith, a Girard historian, said it's bittersweet to see the buildings come down but there was no choice.

“It bothered me because I was afraid something was going to happen,” Veith said. “The building could collapse, someone could get hurt, a fire risk. It wasn't taken care of but it still was a great building in its day.”

There are no plans on what will go into the space once all the debris is removed.

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