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Peek'n Peak opens new "Soaring Eagle" zipline

Unlike their other ziplines, the Soaring Eagle can accommodate all skill levels

June 22, 2017 -  
ERIE, Pa - Have you ever wanted to experience what it's like to soar through the sky? Now you can!
As if there's not enough fun things to do at Peek'n Peak, they just added the new Soaring Eagle zipline. The best parts, it's open year-round and is suitable for people of all ages. 
"I hadn't done it before just now. My heart's still pumping," said Nick Scott Junior, of Scott Enterprises.
Side-by-side, you sit down with your partner, the employees strap you in, and before you know it, you're off... ascending up the mountain, backwards, with your feet dangling over the edge, at nearly 40 miles per hour. 
After 8 months of planning and construction, the Soaring Eagle is ready to accommodate those who are eager to fly. 
Nick Scott Senior of Scott Enterprises said, "I'm excited because it completes our zipline entourage."
Unlike the 13 ziplines already a part of the resort's ropes course, the Soaring Eagle is suitable for anyone. 
"That's the nice thing about this! It's great for adults who don't necessarily want to spend three hours in the adventure course," said Nick Junior. 
"You don't need any special skills. You just sit in the seat, strap yourself in, and you get this exhilarating ride," added Nick Senior. 
Exhilarating is an understatement. 
The ride is 660 feet each way, nearly the length of two football fields. The views at the top feel surreal. 
"You can see the valley... you can see the pool down below," explained Nick Junior. 
The Soaring Eagle takes you 130 feet above the property at Peek n' Peak, but the big question ... how fast does it bring you down?
At 30 miles per hour, your heart speeds up as you soar through the sky. 
Nick Junior exclaimed, "It's really like flying!" 
 "You get some great views and the real whoosh sensation when you come in," said Nick Senior. 
"Oh! There you go! There's an example...fly like an eagle," laughed Nick Junior. 
Unlike most ziplines, this one is open year round, so even when it's below zero and there's snow on the ground, you'll be able to fly high above the Peak. 

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