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PESTaurant serves up fun, information at Celebrate Erie

Celebrate Erie continues Saturday with live music, games and things for the entire family.

The great food also has people coming to Downtown Erie, but one vendor has a different look on trying things to eat.

The taste of Erie and different food vendors in Perry Square at Celebrate Erie have thousands of people stopping by for a bite to eat.

But one vendor has a unique delicacy for people to try.

Kyra Crouch says, "I just ate a dead worm. A dead barbeque worm. I was disgusted at first."

The PESTaurant by Ehrlich's Pest Control has never been done before at Celebrate Erie, but the idea is to also help educate and inform people.

Bill Kozel, district manager of Ehrlich's PC, says, "A lot of people come over to the tent just for general information. They want to know about, 'yeah, I got spiders, I got mice.' so we give them an opportunity and we explain what happens."

But aside from just stopping by, a salt and vinegar cricket eating competition is held to see who can down the most crickets in 30 seconds, and our Jaclyn Seymour was brave enough to try.

Jaclyn Seymour says, "The winner of this competition ate 35 crickets. I could only stomach 18."

But for the winner, winner cricket dinner, it was easy.

Jason Goodwell says, "Just grab them and eat them. And then you just wash them down because they're really salty."

But the contest was not just to put bugs down the hatch.

For every bug eaten during Celebrate Erie, one dollar will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Kozel says, "Just to see everybody contribute and walk away with a little education. And the look on people's faces when they know they contributed to something and they did something good. Because it's that leap of faith. I'll try one, oh yeah, I'm donating. So yeah I'm going to do it. So it's just worth seeing the faces."

Ehrlich's say they had a great turnout for the first time doing the competition, raising possibly more than a $1,000 for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

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