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PNC economic briefing 2017

The US is seeing an expanding economy and a record-breaking stock market, bu the local job market is struggling.  PNC Wealth Management holding its 2017 investment and economic briefing Monday in Erie. 

Economists say even with a decline in manufacturing jobs, they still remain the top 15% of the northwest Pennsylvania job share.  Most new jobs; however, will be from a different industry.  "Erie will get back to adding jobs, mostly in the service sector. Not necessarily manufacturing, but in services, health care, education, financial services," says Stuart Hoffman, Senior Economic Advisor for PNC.

Cas Kwitowski, President of the Erie City Council, tells us, "We may get more jobs, they just may not be the same level of jobs we had in the past. So, I think looking forward, Erie is going to have to adjust a little bit."

As for the nation, the expert projects the economy to grow over the next few years, but he says a stock market correction is long overdue.

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