Police continue timeline probe of Steve Stephens

Looking for Erie connections

Erie PA - State police continue to work with federal and Ohio authorities, trying to build a timeline of the last few days in the life of Steve Stephens.

Nicknamed the Facebook Killer for his role in ending the life of a Cleveland man and posting the shooting to Facebook, Stephens life ended when he was stopped by police on Buffalo Road near Downing Avenue. 

Coroner Lyell Cook told Action News Wednesday afternoon that the autopsy had not yet been completed, and Cook had not made a legal identification.

A brief State Police statement said that a Glock Model 30-S .45 caliber pistol was found in the white Ford Fusion believed driven by Stephens, who was initially identified by a drive through worker at McDonalds on Buffalo Road. Stephens shot himself in the head after police made contact with the back of the Fusion to bring the vehicle to a halt.

The statement goes on to say that work continues to fill in the gaps between the time of the Cleveland shooting Easter Sunday and the apparent suicide late Tuesday morning.

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