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Professionals gather, learning to incorporate martial arts thinking in business

Manufacturing professionals gathering together to learn a pattern of scientific thinking.  

Northwest Industrial Resource Center hosted renowned Author, Mike Rother, to teach what's called, 'Improvement Kata'.  Rother showed how this skilled pattern of thinking can apply to many different activities at work, at home, in the classroom, and in life.  Rother says, "Scientific thinking... or thinking more scientifically, is a great way to navigate towards challenging goals, but it's not something we do automatically."

Robert Zaruta, President and CEO of Northwest IRC, says, "Kata comes from the Japanese, from martial arts. It's about discipline, it's about training the mind, so there's a lot of opportunity".

Rother also stopped in Meadville to present his program 'Kata in the Classroom' during his trip to Northwest Pennsylvania.

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