Schember announces focus and 100 day plan

Joe Schember presented his plan to community member today, continuing to push forward the plans of Erie Refocused.  

Schember says there is no need to reinvent the wheel while Erie has a plan to work from and he wants to be the man to make the plan a reality.  

In an announcement this morning at the Martin Luther King Center, the Democratic Candidate for Erie Mayor, Joe Schember, says if elected he will visit several Erie neighborhoods, asking residents what they would like changed in their community.  And, he says he will do it in the first 100 days in office. 

Schember says he wants to get more community input on the Erie Refocused plan and he will take the time to explain the plan to anyone who will listen.  He says, "I will listen to people at a grassroots level.  I wanna be out in the neighborhood, listening to people, getting diverse opinions then bring them back and use this general framework that is in Erie Refocused and implement them in a specific way that really transforms these neighborhoods".

Local neighborhood leaders came out to listen to Schember's presentation this morning as several groups try to do what they can to turn their neighborhoods around.  Gary Horton, Director of the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation, tells us, "because of the impact that we have in the neighborhood, we should be better represented in it. The best part of what has been done here in the bayfront [is the Erie Refocused Plan]. They serve as a good example to the rest of us that if we follow their blueprint; we do can do the same thing".

Lydia Ann Struble was born and raised in Erie, living on the lower-east side in a home that's been in her family for generations.  Struble believes in Erie and her neighborhood and hopes the next mayor takes the city in the right direction.  "You hear a lot about the negative things like about how the houses are being torn down but you don't hear about the homeowners who are working on their homes and wanna fix up their homes".

Schember says he recognizes that what is good for one neighborhood won't necessarily work for another and plans to come up with a goal for each one.

Republican Candidate, John Persinger, agrees that the city's next leader should have more connection with city residents and says he has been pushing that since the start of his campaign. "Everyone realizes that we can't do the same ol' same ol' and we can't have 12 more years of managing decline.  Our next mayor has to bring new ideas and new energy to the city".

Schember he has also made a commitment to three terms in office to be able to carry out this Refocused Plan to the very end.

And be sure to catch the JET 24-FOX 66 Erie Mayoral Forum on JET 24 on Friday, October 27th at 7pm and Sunday, October 29th at 5pm.  It will also air on FOX 66 on Monday, October 30th at 5pm.

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