Storm pipe to be replaced on Feidler Drive due to sinkhole issues

The Feidler Drive storm sewer project is soon to be underway in Millcreek Township.  Older storm sewer pipe that is disrepair is about to be replaced.  Some maintenance work has been done, but crews have determined that it's time for a full replacement due to sinkhole issues.

300 feet of pipe will be replaced eight feet deep.  Along with that comes safety concerns with Millcreek's crew contracting work out.  Bid openings earlier in the week found eight bidders and today, they announced who the lowest bidders were.

Chairman of Millcreek Supervisors, John Morgan, says, "It definitely is an inconvenience when these holes open up along the right-of-way.  We've had complaints from residents about really, how unsightly it is. From a performance standpoint, we don't want to have our storm sewer pipes rotting out because those can lead to flooding issues in the future."

Millcreek Supervisors are planning to announce the winner of the bid and get the project moving by the next meeting, which is at the end of this month. 

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