The race heats up for two District Judge candidates

An advertisement in today's Erie Times News features a District Judge Candidate promoting his endorsements from Lilly Broadcasting and the Erie Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, but today, we've learned neither organization interviewed or vetted either candidate before taking sides. 

Top management at Lilly Broadcasting surprised by today's advertisement suggesting the TV station had endorsed District Judge Candidate Tom Carney.  They knew nothing about it when contacted by Action News.  Upon further investigation, we've learned the Owner of Lilly Broadcasting personally endorsed Carney. 

Lilly Management admitted the station did not interview either of the candidates prior to the newspaper ad, and for that, the Republican Candidate, Tom Carlotti, is calling foul.  "The Lilly Broadcasting Organization did not endorse my opponent," says Carney.  "The owner of the organization endorsed my opponent, a single individual, and I expressed my concern with the way it was being presented because I thought it created a false impression."

Carlotti said he was also never contacted by the Erie Fraternal Oder Police to be interviewed for their endorsement either.  When we reached out to the FOP, they did confirm they endorsed Carney.  

Carlotti is the former Chief of Police in Millcreek Township and is challenging Carney, who is a 12-year incumbent. 

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