Trump/Republicans celebrate passing of tax bill

President Donald Trump's first major legislative win, a sweeping tax overhaul.  Trump saying, "We are making America great again. Have you heard that? (Applause)"

The president surrounded by GOP lawmakers who helped pass the $1.5 trillion rewrite of the tax code, the largest in more than three decades.  Trump saying, "It means jobs, jobs, jobs. It's going to be really a special period of time".

The Senate passed the bill along party lines in the wee hours of the morning.  Speaker Paul Ryan and the house doing a re-do vote Wednesday after a procedural hiccup.  Republicans are promising tax cuts to help the middle class.  Ryan saying, "the message to the hardworking people: Tax relief is on its way."

But, Democrats focused on the tax cuts for corporations and the rich.   Chuck Schumer (D) NY, saying, "Tax breaks don't lead to job creation, they lead to big CEO salaries and money for the very, very wealthy."

Nancy Pelosi (D) Minority Leader saying, "Now, the Republicans are taking their cruel victory lap, toasting with champagne with their donor and the wealthiest but they didn't do what they promised."

The president and Republicans now tasked with selling the plan to the people.  Recent polls show that it's unpopular with the majority of Americans.  ABC News' Political Director, Rick Klein, says, "This bill is off on the wrong foot when it comes to public perception. It's been sold by an unpopular president with unquestionable difficult circumstances ahead for this bill".

President Trump promised to sign the tax bill into law immediately, but the White House says there's a process before it hits the president's desk so no date has been set.  



--Kenneth Moton, ABC News

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