Two off-duty firefighters risked lives to save those at Vegas massacre

We are now getting an update on the investigation into the mass shooting in Las Vegas nearly two weeks ago.  The Sheriff's Office and FBI held a news conference today, hoping to clear up some earlier information that raised questions about officers' response times.

Investigators clarifying the timeline from the night of the Las Vegas massacre.  The Sheriff now saying despite earlier statements, six minutes did not pass between when the gunman shot a hotel security guard and when he opened fire into the crowd of concert-goers below, explaining instead, it was only a matter of seconds.  

Investigators say officers arrived on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel 12 minutes after the shooting began.  By then, the attack was over.  The Sheriff, defensive over accusations of incompetence and conspiracy.  And, we're getting our first look at that injured security guard since the shooting.  Jesus Campos honored with an award; 58 others were killed in the attack and 546 people were injured.   

Funerals held for some of those victims today including Hannah Ahlers and Lisa Patterson, both mothers of three.  

Thursday, Musician Jason Aldean, who was on stage when the rampage began, held his first concert since that horrific night.  The Sheriff says 45 people injured in the attack are still hospitalized and investigators say they are still no closer to figuring out the gunman's motive.  

As events were still unfolding in the Las Vegas mass shooting, two off-duty firefighters were among those who sprang into action to help.  The men, putting their own lives at risk to save others, rushing to the aid of the wounded while bullets were still hailing down from above.  

Travis Haldeman, Fire Engineer, Clark County Fire Department, tells us, "Jason Aldean stopped playing and ran off stage ... and it just - that's when it really hit us."  Off-duty Fire Engineer Haldeman is enjoying the end of the three-day country music festival on the Vegas strip with his wife, Haley, when he thinks he hears fireworks.  

Jesse Gomez, Las Vegas firefighter, says, "It was a non-stop popping sound, gunfire."  Gomez, another off-duty Firefighter was also there with his wife, Debbie.  

Both firefighters ushered their wives to safety... Debbie Gomez saying, "I was in hysterics. Absolute hysterics. Just screaming like, 'Why did he go back? Why did he go back?' "

In an instant, Jesse and Travis transition from concert-goers to first responders.  Jesse telling us, "There was a lady on the ground, and she is bleeding from all over the head and face. We just picked her up and we carried her to the other side, me and a couple of strangers."

As bullets continued to fly, the concert venue became chaotic.  Jesse says there were "people on the ground, people hurt, people running around... People deceased and other people lying with them."

Travis used his belt to make a tourniquet for a man shot in the leg, then carried him to the medical tent.  "Three shots skipped out about four or five feet away from my feet across the pavement." 

With a makeshift team, Jesse continued to pull people to safety. "I might have carried, like physically carried, six to ten."

Of the three people Travis rescued, the most concerning is a woman shot in the lower back. "Her feeling in her legs was really touch and go at times."  That young woman is Rylie Golgart.  Haldeman rode with her to the hospital.  He still gets updates on her progress, like when she stands for the first time.  "I cry about every single time I say this," says Travis, "...but it is not because it was sad, but because I was so, so proud of her for being that strong."

Haley, Travis' wife, says, "Some people were heroes and some people needed a hero. And that's okay."

Two men acting with such humanity in the face of utter depravity as 58 lives were lost and hundreds were injured in this October massacre.  

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