Ultra low-energy housing unit approved for construction

The City of erie Building Code of Appeals Board approves the creation of the city's first passive housing unit.

A passive house follows rigorous standards, resulting in ultra-low energy buildings.  It's done by adding foam to the exterior walls and in the foundation and that's what the board of appeals approved today.

The units will be built on 19th Street between Parade and Wallace streets, directly across from the Parade Street Commons.  The new Parade Street Commons East will consist of 40 two and three bedroom units.  

Managing Member of Parade Street Commons East, Donald Crenshaw, says, "we like to joke and say a candle will keep it warm in Erie's winters and an ice cube will keep it cool in our summers... but the energy efficiency is so great because it actually brings fresh air in and out because it is such a tight component".

The company has been given the green light to start construction.  They hope to have the first tenants moved in by the end of the summer and the entire project completed by year's end.

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