UPDATED AT 9 PM: PennDOT's list of road closings

Erie, PA - The following state roads in PennDOT’s northwestern region are closed to through traffic or have lanes restricted due to flooding and flood damage.

Erie County: 

·         Route 6 is closed from Route 19 in LeBoeuf Township to Main Street in Mill Village Borough.

·         Route 2001 (French Creek Road) is closed from Route 6 to Flatt Road in LeBoeuf Township.

·         Route 2018 (Pleasant Street/Elgin Road) is closed from Main Street in Elgin Borough to Route 89 in Concord Township.

·         Route 3011 (Pennside Road/Knapp Road) is closed from Pennside Road to Carter Road in Conneaut Township.

·         Route 215 has a lane restriction from I-90 to Stoker Road in Springfield Township.


Crawford County:

·         Route 322 is closed from Route 6 in the City of Meadville to Franklin Pike in West Mead Township.

·         Route 6 Eastbound is closed from Willow Street to Mead Avenue in Meadville.

·         Route 173 is closed from Lake Creek Road/Lippert Road in Wayne Township to Washington Street in Randolph Township.

·         Route 2040 (Spring Street) is closed from Route 102 to Lincoln Avenue in the City of Meadville.

·         Route 1001 (Mystic Park Road) is closed from Main Street in Hydetown Borough to Freemont Street in Steuben Township.

·         Route 1041 (Sparta Street/Fish Flats Road/Britton Run Road) is closed from Garland Street in Centerville Borough to Route 77 in Sparta Township.

·         Route 1016 (Mackey Hill Road/Miller Station Road/Brown Hill Road) is closed from Route 6 in Cambridge Township to Miller Hill Road in Rockdale Township.

·         Route 1020 (Five Corners Road/Tyronville Road) is closed from Old Grade Road to Mystic Park Road in Steuben Township.

·         Route 1014 (Johnston Road) is closed from Route 408 to Brown Hill Road in Rockdale Township.

·         Route 2008 (Wilson Shute Road) is closed from Mercer Pike to Heckman Road in Union Township.


Forest County:

·         Route 3004 (Nebraska Road) is closed from German Hill Road to Sage Road in Green Township.

·         2002 (River Road) is closed from Route 36 to Greenwood Road in Barnett Township.


Venango County:

·         Route 427 is closed from Academy Street in Cooperstown Borough to Deeter Road in Plum Township due to a wash out.


Warren County:

·         Route 3009 (Tidioute Creek Road) is closed from Grant Street in Tidioute Borough to Karney Road in Triumph Township.

·         Route 3014 (Kane Road) is closed from Route 27 to Coal Hill Road in Pittsfield Township.

·         Route 4001 (Piccadilly Hill Road/Scotts Crossing Road/ Sample Flats Road) is closed from Route 426 in Columbus Township to Spencer Road/Grand Army to the Republic Highway in Columbus Township.

The following roads have reopened since the last update:

·         Route 2004 (Horton Avenue) in Sheffield Township in Warren County.

·         Route 1033 (Teepleville Road/New Richmond Road) in Athens and Richmond townships, Crawford County.

·         Route 1003 (Blue Jay Creek Road) in Howe Township, Forest County.

Roadways will reopen when conditions permit.

PennDOT urges motorists to be alert to water on roadways, obey warning signs and traffic control devices, and never drive through flooding or standing water on roads. Shallow, swiftly flowing water can wash a car from a roadway. Also, the roadbed may not be intact under the water.


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