Veterans in Team Rubicon assist with clean-up in Millcreek

Veterans continue to serve in the line of duty only these duties include assessing damage and clean-up after Sunday's tornado in Millcreek Township.  

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led disaster response organization.  This weekend, these volunteers are on the ground in Erie helping residents affected by Sunday's storms.  Around two dozen veterans and first responders launched Operation Flagship City.  

David Dodds, Incident Commander for Team Rubicon, tells us, "Disasters are our business and veterans are our passion."  Team Rubicon went door to door in Millcreek "doing muck-outs on flooded basements or chainsaw operations to help clear out debris from their yards."

The non-profit organization offering their services free of charge to homeowners and the members coming in from all over including Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio; even Canada.  

"People when they leave service sort of lose that sort of sense of purpose or mission," says Dodds. "Team Rubicon is able to give that back to them by repurposing them to help communities."    

 Millcreek Township says they're excited to have Team Rubicon. They say not only are they helping the residents, but they're helping collect data for their future responses.

Matt Exley, Millcreek Township Emergency Management, says it's great that they are "able to come in here and provide us with the manpower that we need to be able to get the township back to".

The teams will be in town until at least Tuesday housed at West Ridge Fire Department South Station and with Saturday being Veterans Day, the organization can't think of a better way to give back. "Veterans Day for us really is about continued service," says Dodd. "There's no better place to be on Veterans Day than serving communities, especially some of the veterans that we're going to be able to help tomorrow."

Team Rubicon volunteers will have identification for those in the neighborhoods wary of the people going door to door.  If you are in need of their help, you can call 814-833-1303. 

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