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What is with this wacky Erie weather lately?

The lousy weather is becoming a big concern for many Erie residents since it's mid-April and snowing today...  We took a look at this year versus last year and, according to Meteorologist Tom Divecchio:

  • March of last year, the average temp. was 37 degrees.  Last month, it was 32 degrees.
  • In April of last year, the average temp. was 52 degrees.  This month, it is 39 degrees; a difference of 13 degrees.

On Friday, just two hours away from Erie, it was 85 degrees in Pittsburgh.  Many Erie residents are confused and frustrated with the long-lasting cold. 

Working outside has been difficult for people like Dave Passmore, who is the Superintendent for EE Austin Construction Company.  Right now, the company is working on expanding the offices of Erie Insurance.  

Dave tells us, "It's been a struggle with safety and just keeping the weather out while we're out pouring for quality control and you never know if you're gonna be walking on ice and mud in the snow; it's been a struggle."

He says they've had to postpone construction quite a few times this year due to weather.  And, even though more snow is predicted, the workers at EE Austin and Company will be back on the job tomorrow.

Still, the terrible weather is one of the most talked about issues on local talk radio and on the streets of Erie.  Resident Nathan Glenn says, "I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous... yesterday it was raining cats and dogs, today it's really chilly, the other day it was warm. I mean, when is it gonna stop?"

Sunday when it was in the 70's in Pittsburgh, it was in the 30's here in Erie.  To find out why there was such a dramatic difference, we turned to Tom Divecchio for some answers.  "Well, the main reason is our nice cold lake.  There's no two ways about it; we've heard about some very warm temperatures even a little bit farther we hit 74 last Thursday because the winds were pushing off the land toward the lake and then, the next day, we couldn't get out of the 40's because the winds are coming off the lake."

The cold and northeast winds affect people who live and work in Erie.  But, here's the good news...  The seven-day forecast calls for a warm-up this weekend.  

What's coming up in the future?  Check out Dan Rupp's forecast below:


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