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Since October, the township is distributing about 400 notices every month to homes in the Summit neighborhood.  After four months of this, residents are finally asking why... it's tonight's Your Story.

A blue notice hanging on their front door every single month reading, 'Please be advised that LORD Corporation will be conduction their fire protection, sprinkler-related testing...'  But, residents like Jordan Bukowski are saying, "nobody in the neighborhood really understands what they're for".  

Residents are asked to 'refrain from doing laundry or showering' for six hours during the day and to 'draw enough water in advance to meet drinking needs'.  But, Bukowski says, "we don't even have 24 hours in advance to prepare for it".  

Summit Township Water Authority is distributing about 400 notices each month since October, usually just one day before testing.  LORD Corporation uses a high demand of water for these tests each month which is why residents need to lessen their usage.  

Bukowski works from home and says many of the homeowners on his street are retired and spend their days at home.  "Obviously, they're using their water from the time they wake up to the time they, you know, go to bed. So, for us not to use it the majority of the day is definitely a burden on all of us."

Once residents are able to use their water again, it may be brown or cloudy, but the township is saying that's nothing to worry about.  John Troutman, Manager of Summit Township Water Authority, says, "No, that's normal. Like I said, you know, you can relate it to a water main break. Anytime you reverse the flow of water and use quite a bit of water in a short period of time, that's what happens to the water; it gets discolored."

Troutman also says they test the water frequently and the tests come back with no issues, every time.  Though it is a monthly nuisance, there is good news for residents.  Troutman tells us, "We're trying to seek alternatives to where they will actually use less water for this test or we divert the water and have it come from somewhere else".

The Water Authority is working with the township supervisors on extending the water main down Dorn Road.  The additional source of water would be coming off of Peach Street.  The Dorn Road Water Line Extension work is expected to be completed by spring.

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