Memorable Medical Recovery

- It's been one year since a Meadville woman suffered a heart attack and her husband was told to expect the worse.

But thanks to to some quick thinking and expert medical intervention, Marion Wells was able to thank the many people who came together to save her life.

It’s a story that shows that if there's a glimmer of hope, you don't give up.

And today, Marion Wells gave hugs and plenty of thanks to a crew at Stat Medivac, her doctor and the nurses that came together to save her life.

They were the folks that came to Marion’s aid when she suffered not only a heart attack, but a stroke.

It was back in January of 2013 when Marion woke up and said it felt like someone was squeezing her heart.

Her husband rushed her to Meadville Medical Center where she fell unconscious.

Her heart was shocked with a defibrillator dozens of times, all in all Wells had her heart started 120 times between the time she entered Meadville Medical until she was rushed to UPMC Hamot.

Her doctor says that’s more times than he can remember starting someone's heart, but he said if there's even a glimmer of hope, you don't give up

Besides thanking everyone who saved her life, Wells wants women to know not to wait the symptoms can be different from one woman to another.

If you feel you may be having a heart attack.get help immediately.

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