Millcreek Supervisor Meets with Joy Center Advisory Members

- July 14, 2014

A Millcreek Township supervisor under fire for the decision to close the J.O.Y Center met with senior center advisory members this morning... and says he will not step down because of the closure.

Supervisor John Groh says that the decision to close the center still stands, but he wanted to hear concerns and go over the facts today.

Many Millcreek seniors strongly disagree with the closure. Groh stands by the supervisors reasons for closing the center and terminating the contract with MECA. The reasons include high costs and having other similar services for the 55 and over residents in Millcreek.

Groh says he respects the seniors and is looking into a plan to give them a gathering place soon. John Groh will remain the liaison and has no intention to step down from his position, nor do his fellow supervisors want him to.

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