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Ice Boaters Enjoy Frozen Bay

Dozens of ice boaters are taking advantage of the frozen bay and gliding across the bay.
January 31, 2014 - The frozen bay is a dream come true for those who ice boat.

It’s become a popular winter activity for those who spend countless hours sailing in the summer.

The boats have three runners and are, of course, propelled by the wind.

The speed of the boat depends on the ice condition as well as the wind speed.

Just the other day boaters said it took two minutes to get from the Erie Yacht Club to Dobbins Landing.

Dave Heitzenrater built his first ice boat in 1973 and has been taking advantage of the icy conditions whenever he gets the chance.

He says it’s been two years since they’ve been able to ice boat.

Heitzenrater says there are more than 40 ice boats at the Erie Yacht Club.
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